Local authorities: Reinforce water quality control during drought!

Water quality biomonitoring

At the beginning of 2023, France is facing an unprecedented episode of winter drought, suggesting that water resources will soon be in short supply. As we know, periods of drought are conducive to an increase in pollution. As contaminating substances are less diluted, particular vigilance must be exercised with regard to water quality, whether it is water intended for human consumption or effluents discharged into the natural environment.

As organizing authorities, local governments are directly involved in are directly involved in the implementation of measures to preserve measures to preserve water quality.

In under the SSWMPs, all stages of drinking water production must be production must be verified in order to prevent and correct the risks of quality degradation risks.

The monitoring of wastewater at the end of the treatment plant before it is discharged into the natural environment is also a determining factor in guaranteeing the preservation of the environment, in a context of increasing scarcity of resources.

Traditionally based on physico-chemical analyses, water quality control nevertheless has its limits. Based on spot samples, it does not allow a continuous or global vision. Indeed, only certain parameters or contaminants are monitored.

Yet, new types of pollutants, the emerging contaminants or micropollutants contaminants, are currently the subject of particular attention attention at present, because they are likely to affect health and the health and the environment.

In this context, several cities have chosen to equip themselves with the the ToxMate biomonitoring station, in order to have continuous and data on water quality.

System Real-time alert system in case of abnormal quality degradation, ToxMate is also a management tool for water treatment plants of drinking water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants, allowing treatment plants, enabling them to adapt to recurring episodes of pollution pollution episodes identified.

Discover how ToxMate works and the testimony of the Chartres agglomeration.