ToxMate deployed at treatment plant inlets with the Tox'Amont device

Water quality biomonitoring

ToxMate, a real-time biodetection station for micropollutants, is now configured for use upstream of WWTPs, to provide a better understanding of incoming pollutant loads.

The operators of wastewater treatment plants are faced with major challenges challenges, such as adapting treatments to combat emerging emerging pollutants, and the need to react quickly to any problems. Unless the WWTP itself malfunctions, these challenges are largely depend to a large extent on the quality of the incoming raw water.

To Tox'Amont, marketed by Viewpoint Biosurveillance Viewpoint Biosurveillance de l'Eau, provides a real-time indicator of indicator of the level of pollutant loads upstream of WWTPs, and an alert in the event of an abnormal load. Periodic reports listing pollution episodes and levels are drawn up and forwarded to the operator. The recurring phenomena highlighted make it easier to identify upstream sources of of micropollutants and the implementation of corrective actions, thus meeting to RSDE obligations.

The advantage of of Tox'Amont lies in its global assessment (cocktail effect, bioavailable portion, etc.), combined with continuous monitoring, which enables quality fluctuations, even of very short duration. even of very short duration. An asset for detecting the arrival of inhibiting contaminants contaminants, which have an impact on bacterial fauna and reduce the effectiveness of treatments, without them being detected conventional measurements.

The can be supplemented by Diag'Amont, which consists of taking taking samples when pollution episodes are detected, to determine the causes.

Tox'Amont is an alert and decision-making tool for local authorities and and managers, to help them better manage their WWTPs STEP, according to incoming loads.

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