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   Water quality biomonitoring

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Our commitment to the environment 

Preserving water quality today has become a major issue.
The treatment and control of sewage water, prior to the discharge back into its natural environment, is mandatory to avoid environmental deterioration, maintaining its ability to provide water of quality and to preserve biodiversity.

ViewPoint, a 30 years expert in video image processing in the fields of medical and environmental research, has developed ToxMate, a continuous online biomonitoring station for water quality.

ViewPoint asserts yet again its full commitment to the preservation of the environment, using its historic expertise in the design of high-tech technologies to help preserve ecosystems.

ToxMate, a multi-species water quality biomonitoring station 

ToxMate, developed by ViewPoint in partnership with INRAE, is the only connected multi-species biomonitoring station that assesses the environmental impact of sewage water in real time, online and continuously.

ToxMate is a station made to detect the impact of micropollutants in the water, through living organisms, of urban and industrial treatment plants, or drinking stations,

Tested and proven on site, its ease of use and autonomy makes ToxMate an optimal solution for real-time water quality monitoring.

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ToxMate is developed in partnership with INRAE (National Institute for Research in Agronomy, Food and Environment) Lyon, with the support of the AERMC (Rhone, Mediteranean and Corsica Water Agency), the European Union and the Rhône-Alpes Region.