How to anticipate the revision of the Urban Wastewater Directive (UWWD)?

Water quality biomonitoring

Although the revision of the Deru has fallen behind the initial schedule, the first texts should be available in the fall of 2023. A few broad outlines seem to emerge on the future developments, concerning the fight against micropollutants.

Within the framework of the RSDE (Rejets de Substances Dangereuses in Water), new families of substances should complete the required monitoring and reduction requirements in the discharges. The limit values will be reviewed with additional treatments to be put in place.

To finance these actions, and in particular the installation of additional treatments, the industries generating micropollutants will be solicited, according to the principle of the "polluter-pays", in order to encourage more virtuous productions.

According to a schedule set at the European level, the treatment of micropollutants must be effective in 2035 for WWTPs of more than 100,000 p.e. and in 2040 for WWTPs of all sizes presenting particular risks to health and the environment.

Prepare the implementation of a tertiary treatment, with ToxMate

The sizing of a tertiary treatment system is complex due to the absence of data on the flows of micropollutants to be abated as well as on their periodicity of occurrence.

The regulatory physico-chemical analyses remain insufficient for a real understanding of the contamination episodes.

The continuous monitoring of the chemical quality of the effluents, associated with the collection of analyzed and reprocessed data that can be used by managers, are decisive in the implementation of tertiary treatment.

ToxMate, a station for real-time detection of micropollutants in water offers a solution adapted to this challenge:

  • continuous analysis of chemical contamination of effluents
  • real-time processing of collected data
  • alert delivered within 2 to 10 minutes in case of pollution peak
  • periodic reports directly usable on site
  • data historization, for a better understanding of recurring events
  • ViewPoint's supervision service for ongoing support.

ToxMate is deployable on site:

  • on a rental basis, for a minimum period of 9 months, as part of a study prior to the implementation of a tertiary treatment
  • for rental or purchase, for an evaluation of the abatement of an existing tertiary treatment.

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