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ToxMate helped us to obtain our pumping authorisation, as a derogation, since we ensure the good quality of our discharge water, which represents 70% of the volume, before returning to the natural environment.

Jean-Michel Bertrand

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When Toxmate is placed at the inlet of the plant, we can see the micropollutants coming in. It does not detect any at the outlet of the plant. This shows our performance in capturing and treating them.

David Verhille

Director of the Bourgogne Centre territory at Veolia - WWTP Nevers-les-Saulaies

The subject of water quality is of major importance in our time. The treatment of wastewater must be irreproachable in order to respect biodiversity and the quality of the water in the Eure. The Toxmate tool provides us with additional security and accompanies the agents of the Mare Corbonne wastewater treatment plant on a daily basis.

Alain Bellamy

Vice-president of Chartres Métropole in charge of Drinking Water and Sanitation

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