Who are we?

Water quality biomonitoring

Our motto

Working for the well-being of the people and the Earth, in a spirit of benevolence and commitment..

Our core values

Viewpoint and all of its collaborators are committed to our customers and partners around the values they hold dear:


Respect our motto and our values


Motivate, set an example, don't take the easy way out


Faire preuve d’entraide, de solidarité et de tolérance


Working in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere, developing interest in the work

Nos engagements

ViewPoint est signataire du Manifeste pour une industrie qui se transforme et s’engage pour l’environnement impulsé par la métropole du Grand Lyon.

Manifeste industrie Grand Lyon

We produce innovative solutions for water quality management stakeholders

Drawing on its recognized expertise and the collaborations created with the research community, ViewPoint has been committed for several years in the deployment of innovative solutions intended for water quality control, for the benefit of public and private players involved in water management.

Our environmental commitment is materialized at the same time:
- in the search for solutions to safeguard the quality of a fundamental resource: water
- in the design of environmentally friendly devices, based on biomonitoring

Historical expertise in the field of research

Since 1990, the French company ViewPoint has been involved in medical and environmental research.
ViewPoint is a world leader in the automatic monitoring and analysis of animal behaviour in a variety of research areas. Our products enable researchers and users to study an unlimited number of subjects, in the fields of neuroscience, ecotoxicology, or pharmacology.
Major research centres, both public and private, trust us throughout the world.