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Water quality biomonitoring

Press review

ViewPoint develops a biomonitoring station to detect micropollutants in drinkable water

L’Usine Nouvelle – 16 novembre 2021

Micropollutants under video surveillance

Les cahiers de l’environnement – Novembre 2021

ViewPoint uses invertebrates to detect micropollutants in drinking water

Bref eco– 3 novembre 2021

Monitoring of toxic discharges into water: creation of an associated Partnership Laboratory called ViewTox – 15 octobre 2021

Application of the ToxMate, multi-species biomonitoring station, to drinking water

Hydroplus– octobre 2021

Application of the ToxMate, multi-species biomonitoring station, to drinking water

Environnement – 6 octobre 2021

Drinkable water : prevent chemical and biological risks

Revue ein  n° 444 – Septembre 2021

La chronique Good Economie :

Les Echos – 29 septembre 2021

Tests of Biosensors to evaluate the ecotoxicity of treated wastewater

Revue TSM n°6 – Juin 2021

ToxMate, real time biomonitoring

Capital – Avril 2021

Water quality and pollution control [FR only] – 29 mars 2021

How ViewPoint is getting involved in the world's major issues – 22 mars 2021

The United Nations World Water Development Report 2021: Valuing Water; executive summary

Organisation des Nations Unies – Mars 2021

Recent regulatory developments in a context of global change [FR only]

Magazine Hydroplus – 17 mars 2021

Water quality control: progress in microbiological monitoring [FR only]

Revue-ein – 28 février 2021

Biomonitoring station for wastewater treatment plants

Environnement Magazine – Février 2021

2020 Innovation in a new way
Cahier des Innovations Pollutec

Pollutec online – Décembre 2020

Micropollutants leaving wastewater treatment plants: what impact on human health and aquatic environments? [FR]

Revue ein –  30 novembre 2020

ToxMate: Micropollutants under video surveillance

Institut Carnot Eau &Environnement-
18 novembre 2020

Creation of France Eau Biosurveillance

Communiqué de presse – 14 septembre 2020

ViewPoint strengthens its expertise with ToxMate

La Gazette du Laboratoire – Juin 2020

The consequences of micropollutants discharged into wastewater

Etude INRAE pour le Synteau – Juin 2020

Biomonitoring: how small species track micropollutants

Revue ein – Décembre 2019

A review of ToxMate by Viewpoint's CEO Didier Neuzeret, and INRAE ecotoxicology research fellow Arnaud Chaumot.