Water quality biomonitoring

ToxMate : A ViewPoint innovation

ToxMate, developed by ViewPoint, is a station made to continuously detect the impact of micropollutants in the water of urban and industrial treatment plants, or drinking stations. Tested and proven in WWTPs, its ease of use and autonomy make ToxMate an optimal solution for real-time water quality monitoring

Micropollutants :
a health and environmental issue

Although micropollutants are invisible, it has been proven that they can have consequences for the environment, particularly biodiversity, as well as for human health.

Cosmetics, detergents, solvents, medicines... all these products used in daily life, at home or workplace, contain a large number of chemical substances, both synthetic and natural. Their production, and above all their use, are the source of pollutants found in water: these are known as micropollutants.
Present in very small quantities, some substances are nevertheless qualified as endocrine disruptors and are considered responsible for the disappearance of an aquatic specie every ten years.
Their very high number (more than 200,000 molecules), as well as their presence in infinitesimal quantities in water, makes their detection complex.
Physico-chemical analyses show their limits to identify their presence: punctual sampling, long analysis times, limitation of the number of targeted molecules, high costs...
Biomonitoring appears to be the best way to provide a rapid, reliable, global and continuous response to the detection of undesirable effects linked to the presence of micropollutants.


ToxMate: the real-time micropollutant biodetection station 

ToxMate measures the real-time impact of the presence of chemical pollutants on living organisms. Unlike trout or minnows, the three species of aquatic invertebrates present in the station (gammarids, radix and leeches) react to a wide variety of toxic substances and constitute reliable and efficient bio-indicators of the level of water pollution. The tests carried out on site have demonstrated the sensitivity of ToxMate to cocktail and recombination effects, where physico-chemical sensors only target a small part of the molecules present in the water.

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ToxMate: your management tool

ToxView Data

A reactive tool, for a continuous control of your site

Continuous monitoring of water flow

Immediate detection at low concentrations (μg/L to the order of one minute)

Sensitivity to cocktail effects

Alert issued within minutes of the chemical contamination event

Possibility of notifying a list of managers in case of an alert, by sms or email

Tracking available online via a secure access

Data restated for immediate understanding

ToxView Graphs

Data historization, to understand and manage

Data archiving

Post-hoc interpretations to understand recurrence factors and classify
different types of events

A complete support to optimize the contribution of ToxMate on your site

Preliminary study on site for tool calibration

Definition of thresholds and alert procedures.

Monthly maintenance performed by us to clean, change the necessary parts, renew the biological probes and recalibrate ToxMate

ViewPoint Supervision Service, for complete support

Event analysis reports.

ToxMate functional diagram

Implanted on site, ToxMate continuously analyses, by video-tracking, the individual behaviour of 3 species of invertebrates. The collected data is then processed and analysed. An alert is triggered if pollution is detected.

ToxMate in 5 key points

How does it work?

A review of ToxMate by Viewpoint's CEO Didier Neuzeret, and INRAE ecotoxicology research fellow Arnaud Chaumot.

ViewPoint Water Biomonitoring
winner of the Environment 2022 Innovation Award - Bref'éco

Visual Bref eco Trophy

ToxMate presentation


ToxMate is developed in partnership with INRAE (National Institute for Research in Agronomy, Food and Environment) Lyon, with the support of the AERMC (Rhone, Mediteranean and Corsica Water Agency), the European Union and the Rhône-Alpes Region.

ToxMate presentation