The Team

Water quality biomonitoring

The Team

Engineers, scientists, programmers, designers, salespeople, technicians ... Our team brings together highly qualified skills from various and complementary backgrounds, fully committed to our mission.

Didier Neuzeret


CPE Lyon engineer specialized in image processing, and also trained in management at EM Lyon, he took over the management of ViewPoint in 1990. As he became aware really early of the health and environmental issues of the planet, he put his skills at the service of creation of solutions to meet these major challenges. His objective: to design products and materials to support research in the fields of health, food and the environment, for a better future.

Alexandre Decamps

Environment market director

With a background in hydrobiology / ecotoxicology, Alexandre joined the INRAE-Lyon ecotoxicology laboratory in 2014 to develop ToxMate in collaboration with ViewPoint. Today, he ensures the transfer of skills and the development of this new business sector for the company.

George Ruck

PhD engineer in datamining

A graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, George is an engineer specializing in applied mathematics. He is continuing research related to water biomonitoring, in collaboration with the ecotoxicology laboratory of INRAE and the Deep laboratory of INSA.

Nicholas Savals

Sales engineer

Nicholas holds a Master Business Degree and has extensive experience in business development in the industrial sector. He is in charge of the commercial deployment of ToxMate in urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) and in drinking water stations.

Benjamin Gindre

Junior sales consultant

Benjamin is a student at ESDES Lyon Business School and is preparing a professional degree in International Trade. He is involved in the sales of ToxMate

Kassandra Montalbano

Biological platform technician

Kassandra manages ViewPoint's biological platform. In particular, she collects, stables and sorts the aquatic invertebrates required for the equipment of ToxMate.

Clément Grant

Ecotoxicology Technician

Holding a BSc in Biological Engineering, Clément installs and maintains ToxMate on site. He is also in charge of processing the toxicity data delivered by the device.

Timothée Cavanna

Ecotoxicology Technician

Timothée gère l’installation et la maintenance des ToxMate sur site. Il dispose d’un DUT en Génie Biologique.

Florian Moulin

Product designer

A graduate in product and packaging design, Florian imagined and conceived the design of ToxMate, to ensure its robustness as well as the ease of assembly and use.

Anthony Farenc

Workshop manager

With a degree as an electrical technician, Anthony manages the supply and assembly of the ToxMate

And of course all the support services, in IT development, marketing, administration, human resources and finance...
All team members are working closely together, sharing their expertise, in order to develop innovative and efficient products for our customers.
We also keep in close touch with our user community to test and optimise our products, develop their functionality and create new solutions.

Our common goal :

Supporting key players in addressing the planet's major challenges